INGUBAL Canis Criadero®: the postbiotic designed to reduce digestive tract problems
Ingubal Canis Criadero

Problems associated with the digestive tract are one of the most frequent reasons for consulting a veterinarian today and can be caused by various factors, with varying degrees of severity. Most dogs will suffer from some of these problems at some time in their lives, with a wide variety of symptoms and different treatments depending on the cause of the disease.

Abrupt dietary changes produce an imbalance in the microbiota of the gastrointestinal tract, which causes the symptoms associated with digestive problems, mainly the presence of diarrhea.

Most of the digestive problems associated with the change of diet are not particularly serious and are usually self-limiting processes that do not require specific treatment. However, these problems can alter the animal’s behavior and quality of life. To prevent these problems, it is useful to incorporate the new feed gradually and to give the animals support treatments and supplements that favor the reestablishment of a balanced and healthy microbiota.



A study was carried out on 46 healthy dogs from a rehala that are fed a standard feed-based diet. A new feed was introduced into their diet, and two groups of animals were fed: the control group was fed the new feed exclusively and the supplemented group received the same feed, but supplemented with the postbiotic INGUBAL Canis Criadero® during the two months of the study.



In the control group, 31.82 % of the animals showed diarrhea when the new feed was introduced, as opposed to the group supplemented with INGUBAL Canis Criadero®, where only 16.67 % of the dogs showed this symptom. The administration of INGUBAL Canis Criadero® through the feed reduced the presence of diarrhea associated with the change of diet by 47.61%, which represents a relative risk 1.9 times higher of presenting diarrhea in animals that were not supplemented.

Results Ingubal Canis Kennel

Figure 1.Appearance of gastrointestinal symptoms in both study groups after the change of feeding at the end of the study.



The most remarkable clinical result was a reduction of diarrhea caused by the change of feeding in the animals that were supplemented with INGUBAL Canis Criadero®. The change in diet causes dysbiosis that can lead to gastrointestinal symptoms. A healthy microbiota composed of beneficial bacteria improves the enzymatic activity of the gastrointestinal tract and also stabilizes the intestinal barrier function, improving nutrient absorption processes and preventing the passage of harmful substances.

Ingubal Canis Kennel. Field work.